Parenting! It doesn't come with health benefits, paid time off, 401K or even a salary for that matter. It is the most difficult, rewarding, frustrating, exhausting, gratifying, painful, and wonderful job you will ever have.

You are in charge of molding and developing the Life of another human being! What an honor you have been granted. But there are days that it doesn’t feel much like an honor – in fact, there may be days you feel like you have been cursed and ask yourself “What have I done to deserve this?!” or believe you aren’t cut out for the job.

These little beings don’t come into the world with manuals – although they should! As parents, we do what we know and what we were taught, which is not always healthy or what we want to do as a parent. But sometimes it seems like a force beyond our control when we’re having one of those not-so-great parenting days .

Here’s the good news…ALL parents have those days!

We all have many stories that we would end with, “Okay, so that was not one of my finer parenting moments.”

The best news is – we don’t have to be perfect parents to have healthy, well adjusted, confident children. Please notice that I don’t use the word “happy” in that sentence. That is intentional, as you will understand as you learn more about Touchstone Parenting. ™

My goal is to help YOU become a

  • more confident,
  • calmer,
  • self-compassionate,
  • and courageous parent,
  • with more balance in your life,

so that you are a

  • more present,
  • compassionate,
  • assured and effective parent for your children.

You have been entrusted to love, care for and raise your children to become confident, independent, contributing members of society. That is no easy task.

Raising your children is the most important job you will ever have and it will make an impact on the world forever, and on generations to come.

Isn’t your parenting worth investing in?

Aren’t you worth investing in?

I want to provide you with the tools and support you need to become the parent you desire to be for your children. Don’t go it alone. Join us and let’s support one another through this parenting journey together!

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have been working with children, couples and families from all walks of life for over fifteen years. In addition, I have three children (ages 13, 10 and 7). My 10 year old son has special needs, my oldest daughter, youngest daughter and myself have been blessed with ADHD and my husband is dyslexic! So, suffice it to say – I know the challenges which I speak of. I love sharing “not one of my finer parenting moment” stories when I teach parenting classes, and with three children I’ll never run out of stories to share.

Leslie is the author of the upcoming book "OMG! I Sound Just Like My Mother!" and a regular contributor for Little Ones Magazine. She has been interviewed for many news stories on Fox News, WBTV and Channel 9. She has also appeared on the Mike Collins Show on Public Radio and has appeared twice on The Satisfied Life radio show on station 107.9.


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